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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Five more foot its

After the weekend’s efforts and as the month nears its end, I realised I’m in with a pretty good chance of being very near the top in terms of total numbers of species seen. Weekday birding and a full-time job aren't that compatible, but I've managed to squeeze in a few hours birding here and there. A post-storm trip to Pendennis Point got me two totally unexpected species:

109. Balearic Shearwater
110. Bonxie

Even winter sea-watching in the most unlikely of places can occasionally turn up some goodies. Reviewing my list, I realised there were a couple of quite easy ones available near to Tremough Campus, so decided to do the walk to work and do a spot of birding in the day. Managed both the species I wanted and a bonus Brambling, so:

111. Dipper
112. Stock Dove
113. Brambling.

I’m currently three species behind Simon Chidwick’s phenomenal effort at the top the total tally leader board.  Can’t see myself getting any more, as there’s no easy ones left, and I've only got a couple of hours spare in the morning to go birding. However, I do intend to put in one last-gasp effort, so who knows....


  1. uaau fantastic! Today I was looking for the Dipper but it haven't appeared...

  2. Sorry to hear you never caught up with it. I see from you blog you're new to the area. There are lots of good places to go birding locally. Drop me an email ( if you want any tips on where to go.



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