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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cornish Suppression

Apparently, following the Tudor accession, the number of Cornish speakers was greatly reduced following the brutal repression of several popular uprisings when a significant proportion of the Cornish speaking population were exterminated. Only during the 20th century did Cornish undergo a significant revival. Nevertheless, the government and state education system provided no support for Cornish language learners until 2002 when the European Union granted Cornish official Ć¢minority languageĆ¢ status under Part II of the 1992 Council of Europe Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.

On a completely unrelated note, of course: here's a few photos I took in California, which explains my recent absence from the Cornish birding scene.


  1. Fantastic write up,I'm Cornish and proud.
    Superb collection from California,looks like you and had a good trip.

    1. I imagine you had a few keyboard warriors all set to get on Birdforum with that title and initial picture which showed up on the dashboard....

      Nice pics

  2. Thanks guys - yes, the title of the post was rather deliberately tongue-in-cheek:-)


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