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Saturday, 20 March 2010


They say that one Swallow doesn’t make a Summer, but given that most Cornish summers involve torrential rain, the new arrival of a Swallow and a Sand Martin at Caerthillian and Old Lizard Head respectively, was heartening in as much that at least it suggests that the driving rain will be a degree or two warmer.  Apart from that, the drake Lesser and Greater Scaup found by Andy on Monday, were - very oddly indeed, still sat on Hayle Kimbro (to the uninitiated, Hayle Kimbro is little more than a big puddle and would therefore be expected to give any self-respecting diving duck a bit of a head-ache).  Hoopoe in the village recently suggest that prizes could be good for those inclined to put in the effort, but work commitments have unfortunately prevented me from even attempting to bag the big ‘un.

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