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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ring Ouzel!

My diligent sifting of the thrush flocks in the hope of something rarer paid dividents today, albeit not quite in the manner I'd wished - i.e. no Black-throated Thrush. However, to my utter astonishment, I stumbled across a slightly scruffy-looking, but to all intent and purposes, healthy Ring Ouzel. It was about here at Church Cove near Poldhu. A quick check of birdguides reveals it isn't actually quite as rare as I thought in January - i.e. four records in the UK already this year and about 2-3 most years. I wonder if it was an early migrant blown across in last night's strong southerlies, or perhaps more likely, an over-wintering bird mixed-up with all the other thrushes?  Nevertheless, probably a blocker for at least a month or so on the patch yearlist. Other additions included a Merlin between Poldhu and Church Cove, a Black Redstart at Church Cove, and Hen Harrier and Stock Dove near Cury. On to 100 now, not too bad for four visits, but lots more effort required me thinks.

Update: photos of the bird here


  1. Nice one Ilya. One wintered at Mullion School back in the late '80s and there was one on the north coast about four winters ago. I think yours is unlikely to be a Spring migrant, but who knows?

  2. Your probably right about it being an over-wintering bird. Interesting that it can survived the cold snap though.



    ps keep the gen coming:-) - shame to dip the grebe, but you can't get em all

  3. Also, wasn't the Ring Ouzel at St Gothians last winter seen intermittently through the winter? Still a nice find though.

  4. Agree - probably a winterer. Apparently it's still there (19/1)

  5. Hope you put the record in the Atlas Ilya!

  6. Naturally - submitted as a roving record!


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