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Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010: the year of the big patch yearlist?

A thin dusting of snow on the Lizard Peninsula takes Cornish motorists by surprise

Ho, hum and Happy Hogmanay to one and all - welcome to the teenies. Apologies for the lack of updates of late. The snow and other frivalties prevented much birding in the last month. Anyhow, another year, another year-list. Actually, come to think of it, I didn't do one last year, but thought it would be fun to try one this year. This time a patch year list for the Lizard Peninsula, with three aims:

(1) to see c. 175 species
(2) to find a few decent birds
(3) to see a few decent birds without having to travel too far

To be kept fully up-to-date here:

Put in my first visit today (64 species) and what a corker it turned out to be. Walked down the Loe Valley from Helston Sewage Works to cover Loe Pool after a tip-off from fellow Lizard birder Andy. Freezing cold, blue skies, redwings, fieldfares, snipe & woodcock everywhere. Water Rails by the dozen skating on the ice and at least two Bitterns and a Red-crested Pochard. Divers offshore, Firecrests onshore and at least half a dozen chiffchaffs sitting on the sludge tanks picking-off virtually the only insects left in Britain.


  1. Good luck with the list Ilya. I believe Brian got 200+ a few years back :-)

  2. Watcha mate

    Good luck with the list. It's a cracking spot for it down there. I reckon all three objectives are doable. We're hammering away at TG42 again already. We're both lucky to have such good local patches you know... fingers crossed for a few finds too.

    bit parky though, seawatching today!

    see you at the wedding if not sooner

    P.S. my word verification for posting this was 'sperm' Freaky!

  3. Don't think I can put in the hours to get 200+ Andy, nor do I have the skill of the legendary Brian. Thanks for the gen - keep it coming! Staying down over spring might help though.

    Any decent birds in East Norfolk recently Tim or have they all frozen to death? Will be over for a day or two before the Stag do, might try and get myself out your way....

  4. I've set a ridiculous target of 140 in the Soar Valley. I'm up to 74 at present... Woodcock are everywhere aren't they? Going to be hard to hit the total though.

  5. Good luck with it that one mate. Tough at an inland site, but 74 ain't bad. I'm just over half way there too with the addition Chough, of a few seabirds and Jack Snipe today. Four Woodcock too.


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