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Monday, 13 July 2009


I've never been the biggest fan of sea-watching in the past. I've done, my bit and scored stuff like Cory’s in Norfolk, but I don’t really have the patience to sit there for hours on end waiting for the unlikely to happen. Somehow in Cornwall, sea-watching takes on a more appealing dimension. I suppose the main reason is that you're far more likely to actually find a decent bird. 710 Cory’s flew past Lizard Point in 6 hours last year and you’ve actually got an outside chance of scoring a Fea’s. I think another reason its appealing at the moment, is that there's Scottish Football Association else around at tis time of year, but July is actually the peak month Cory’s. To be honest though, thus far, my struck rate with rare passerines has been nil (hence the lack of updates) and so far and virtually everything noteworthy I’ve found has been at sea: Sab Gull in April (the 1st British spring record for several years) and more recently Bal Shear & Storm Petrel – common birds here, but novel enough for me to keep me interested. Anyway – as a guide to what to go for when and how likely you are to score have a look at the charts above (click on it for a legible version). Numbers are mean number of records per day in Cornwall based on submissions to Birdguides.

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