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Saturday, 18 July 2009

July sightings

July is generally a quiet month, but as proved quite good at least insofar as I've seen a noteworthy bird almost evertime I've been out. It started with a Storm Petrel fluttering past Lizard Point on the 7th, with a Balearic Shearwater past there on the 12th offering nice comparisons with the Manxie it was with. There also seems to be quite a few Med Gulls around, with two 1st winters at Swanpool on the 9th and a near-adult on the Penryn River on the 18th and loads reported elsewhere in Cornwall. Apparently a very good breeding season on the continent. Wader numbers picking-up too, with a Green Sandpiper on Ruan Pool on the 17th and a Greenshank on the Penryn River on the 15th and 18th. Curlew and Redshank increasing in numbers there, with about 20 of each, but no other wader species bar a Common Sand

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