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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Late Autumn specials

As a former east coast birder, I’m used to November comprising of Little Auks, but nothing much else of note. Fortunately, autumn comes later in the south west and as the rest of the country freezes, the birds head down hear en-masse to seek refuge in the sheltered valleys where insects still thrive.

The birding over the last week or so on the Lizard has been superb. Late autumn started well with a spate of good seabirds including a Sabine’s Gull and a cracking Long-tailed Skua off Bass Point. Regular scouring of the most sheltered valleys is starting to pay dividends though. I stumbled across two Yellow-browed Warblers in two days without really trying last week, with a supporting cast of Siberian Chiffchaff and numerous Blackcaps, Firecrests and Chiffchaffs. While out doing fieldwork yesterday I had a fly over large pipit. Unlike most, this obligingly landed in front of me and called. Richard’s rather than one of the rarer ones, but great nonetheless.

I’m off to bird in the orient and Australia from next week, so won’t be doing much Lizard birding. Back towards the end of January, so sayonara readers (what few you are). I’ll try and update my blog while I’m away. I’ll leave you with this superb photograph taken by Thor Veen. (Un?)fortunately, not an example of Lizard suppression, just one to hope for on the Lizard next Autumn. This one was photographed in Canada recently. That said, Brian’s probably had one or two in his garden without telling anyone;-)......... 


  1. Watcha mate

    hope all is well down there... the east still comprises Little Auks including one this morning! Sounds good down your way still but winter is definitely here in Sea Palling if today is anything to go by. Good autumn with bluetail, WRsand (on Swim Coots) two Glonks, a Radde's, tristis and five Pallas's. Marmite had nine caudatus LTs, jammy bugger.

    Anyway, that's all history now. Have a good time in Asia and Oz. Which parts of Asia are you going to? Let me know as I might have some useful gen and I definitely have loads of useful audio of the 'better' birds that I can burn for you.

    Be sure to post updates of your travels.

  2. Hi mate

    Good haul of birds over your way - love northern LTs. Saw some at Minsmere a few years ago. Jealous of the bluetail too - been itching to find one.

    Off on Wednesday. A bit of Malaysia (peninsular), Thailand and Oz. Have ripped almost the entire Xeno Canto website so should be fine for calls. Lots of Thai gen on the Thai birding website but anything doable in a couple of days in Malaysia from KL would be great to get gen on.

    Hopefully catch up before too long.



  3. Nice cache of birds - wishing I was back in the SW!


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