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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The multi-coloured megalarious

There seems to be a lot of debate surrounding the merits of punkbirder twaddlespeak at the moment (see here and here).  Here’s a brief insight into our experience of using such language on unsuspecting passers-by:

Random passer-by at Cot Valley: what are you looking for?
Me: nothing in particular, we’re just seeing what’s about.
Random passer-by at Cot Valley: that’s nice.
Thor (in Dutch-accented, punkbirder speak): Mega rare!
Random passer-by at Cot Valley: really? Where is that from then?
Thor:  America.....
Random passer-by at Cot Valley: really. What colour is it then?
Thor:..or Siberia, hopefully
Random passer-by at Cot Valley (to husband): here - they're looking...what did you call it again? A megalarious? Apparently it's brightly coloured.
Me: hmmm...I don’t think he meant one particularly species...he was referring to rare birds in general.
Random passer-by at Cot Valley: Oh. I see. Well that's a big lens you've got!

Anyway. Needless to say, we didn't find the multi-coloured megalarious, and had to settle for some more more drabbly coloured mesolarious instead:

Found at about 8am in 60 foot cover at Porthgwarra. Also needless to say, given that these photos are really pretty good, Thor took them.


  1. See what happens when you don't do the Lizard? You see some half decent birds! I think I've seen that random passer-by before..... By the way, did you submit the Lesser Scaup?

  2. Yes indeed. Just returned from the Scillies where Thor and I clinched the Pied Wheatear, although Thor deserves pretty much all of the credit for that.


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