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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mediterranean sunny days in Cornwall

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because my post-doc fieldwork is in full swing, and I've been spending most of my time with my head to the ground looking at plants instead of watching the skies for birds. Nevertheless, the glorious sunshine on Sunday and Monday produced some good birds on the Lizard, as well as accelerating the flowering of some of the Mediterranean plants.

It started well, with a Turtle Dove near Culdrose on the drive down. Patient watching for overhead migrants eventually got me splendid views of a Red Kite over Lizard Downs. Unfortunately, the best birds were heard, but not seen. I set off from Lizard Downs towards Predannack Wollas doing my usual checks of the water-levels in the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds, one of the habitats I'm studying. Whilst walking around in the Mediterranean sunshine, admiring the Mediterranean habitats, I was pleasantly surprised to be seranaded by Mediterranean sounds. Somewhere high overhead, a flock of Bee-eaters flew over uttering their splendid liquid trill. Unfortunately, Predannack Wollas doesn't offer splendid views of the Mediterranean sky, and I had to content myself with sounds rather than sights. Still - cracking birds, and as I was lucky enough to have splendid views of many in Spain a few weeks ago, so I really can't complain.

Monday, was less productive. Despite camping overnight and getting out at 04:30, the best I managed for my efforts was my first Spotted Flycatcher of the year at Church Cove.  In true fashion, Tony sauntered into his garden several hours after I arose and immediately eclipsed my efforts with a bit of on the ball wizardry, having already done so the previous day with both birds and plants.

P. S. A pint of Spingo for anybody who can identify the plants in the photos (left).


  1. They're both clover. Get 'em in!

  2. Nice try, but was looking for slightly less generic ID. Much at Windmill recently? Had a Lesser Whitethroat there a few times in the same place back at the end of April / start of May. I didn't think much of it at the time, although I noticed your blog suggests they're not that common

  3. worth a punt for a pint!
    Haresfoot Clover and Sea Ferngrass (long-headed Clover in background)

  4. Close, but no cigar (or Spingo). You're spot on with the second, but I'm fairly sure the first is twin-headed (though I posted to get a second opinion). On haresfoot, the floral heads are on long stalks. Compare this with this.

  5. twin headed clover and sea ferngrass? lol pint please Ilya

  6. Ha ha - Tony earned the pint though. After much humming and hawing I've and help from Tony, I've realised he was right. The second photo linked in my post above is actually misidentified too, causing the confusion. Photo of twin-headed here.


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