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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Possible Brown Shrike

First found by Tony Blunden (involved in the Brown that was on the Scillies). Managed to get down with Thor Veen who took these photos. Sorry about the quality - the bird was distant and the photos have been heavily cropped. Click on photos for a larger version

Would be interested in any thoughts on its ID. Looks quite good for Brown to me, but I do have reservations - e.g the squareness of the tail and the paleness of the lores - (although tail appears rounded on the left hand side). Will comment more and post fieldnotes in due course. Any comments welcome though.


  1. Looks spot-on to me. If it's not one, I'd like to know why. And what's wrong with the lores anyway? Have a look at e.g.

  2. Nothing wrong with the lores as I've subsequently found out. Agree it looks spot on. See post above!


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